Dental Related Health Problems

Dental Related Health Problems

The mouth or Oral Cavity is an integral part of the body. The mouth is a major portal of entry into the body and is equipped with mechanisms to defend against entry of Toxins and Pathogens. If the health of the mouth is compromised, then it serves as a source of causing disease and contamination to the rest of the body as well.

Oral health indicators like development of Oral Candidiasis and Oral hairy Leukoplakia are used to diagnose and determine specific stages of HIV infection.

Oral bone loss is seen as the first indicator for diagnosis of Osteoporosis which affects women more than men. Many studies have established the relationship of Osteoporosis and Oral bone loss, Periodontal (Gum Disease) Disease and Tooth Loss.

More than 150 Bacteria strains have been identified in Dental plaque and Dental pulp infections. These bacteria have the potential to enter the blood stream and cause systemic infections. Immuno-compromised patients have more chances of developing infections caused by bacteria in the Oral cavity.

Poor Oral health has a direct and established relationship with diseases of the heart. Infective Endocarditis is caused by bacteria from the mouth. Gum Disease or Periodontal disease triggers the formation of plaque leading to atherosclerotic vascular Disease (ASVD) and a Heart attack.

Patients undergoing Chemotherapy or radiation therapy or a combination of both for Cancer are Immuno suppressed. Such patients have the potential to develop systemic infections caused by bacteria from the mouth.

Poor Oral Health can cause aspiration of bacteria into the normally sterile lower respiratory tract causing infections like Emphysema, Pneumonia and chronic Bronchitis.