Why do you need to replace a tooth after an extraction?

Why do you need to replace a tooth after an extraction?

Reasons you should Replace an Extracted Tooth. A type of malocclusion can occur when you don’t replace missing teeth.

The teeth next to the space left by the extracted or missing tooth will shift toward each other and try to fill the space.

This occurrence results in a partial gap and crooked teeth, which are difficult to clean and maintain.

Immediately following a tooth extraction, our dentist will suture the empty socket until you decide what to do about the gap but doing nothing can lead to a variety of oral health issues.

The teeth adjacent to the gap will eventually shift toward each other, resulting in crooked teeth and a misaligned bite, which makes cleaning and flossing more difficult and can even make it difficult to chew food.

In some cases, the neighboring teeth will “super erupt,” which is when the tooth itself grows to try and fill the gap because there is nothing there to stop it.

In the most severe cases, your bite can shift in a way that strains the jaw joints and causes TMJ disorders. Fortunately, there are options available to fill the gap from a tooth extraction.

It is important to fill in the area of the missing tooth. Your surrounding teeth can move, which can change your whole bite, usually for the worse. No matter what, your mouth won’t be in top working order anymore.

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