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How do braces straighten in children and adults?         

Dental braces are used by the dentist to correct crowded or crooked teeth and proclined-teeth or misaligned jaw or malocclusion teeth.

Braces are placed in an adolescent.               

What are the Types of Braces?

Metal braces:-  Metal brackets that are glued to each tooth and an archwire that puts pressure on your teeth and elastic rings that connect the archwire to the bracket,  is adjusted periodically by the dentist, as your teeth slowly move into the desired place.

Ceramic braces: Advantages of the Ceramic  Braces are, they match with the tooth color and are not visible from some distance.

Other braces:  lingual braces that are placed completely behind your teeth.

Retainers and aligner trays are usually given after completion of treatment with traditional braces.

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