Dental Scaling / Prophylaxis / Cleaning

Dental Scaling / Prophylaxis / Cleaning

Taking care of your teeth and mouth is as important as taking care of the rest of your body. Your mouth is an integral part of your body and requires equal attention. Gaining awareness of various aspects of oral health, especially Dental Prophylaxis and Cleaning, is essential for leading a healthy life and should be a priority.


Why Dental Cleaning Matters

Dental Prophylaxis, Scaling, or Cleaning is the term used by dentists for the process of cleaning teeth. It is now routinely recommended by dentists as the best way to maintain good dental health. The reason is that small food particles often become lodged in the gaps between teeth and between teeth and gums, even after regular brushing. Over time, these particles harden through a process called calcification. Dentists use special instruments, such as ultrasound devices, to dislodge these particles during the scaling and cleaning process, resulting in a clean oral environment.

Expert Care at Dr. Lavanya Dental Clinic:

Dr. Lavanya Dental Clinic & Implant Centre's Scaling and Dental Prophylaxis Treatment in Madhapur and Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, is commendable. Our skilled care ensures a healthy and clean smile.

Enhancing Your Smile:

Staining, discoloration, or changes in the color of teeth are common concerns that dentists routinely address. These issues are often caused by different types of food and drink. The cleaning, scaling, and dental prophylaxis process is sometimes followed by teeth polishing, where your dentist removes stains from your teeth. The result is a fresh feeling in your mouth, and the polishing of your teeth ensures your smile becomes even more radiant and sparkling than ever.

Why Choose Dr. Lavanya Dental Clinic?

At Dr. Lavanya Dental Clinic, we believe that dentistry should be personal, accessible, and affordable. We work diligently to uphold the highest standards, ensuring that you and your needs always come first.

Highly Qualified Clinicians

Our dentists are highly trained and experienced in the full spectrum of general, restorative, and cosmetic procedures. We specialize in pain-free treatment through our sedation clinic, offering intravenous sedation for adults and inhalation sedation for both adults and pediatric patients.

Superb Clinical Facilities

Our clinic is equipped with the latest technology to ensure our clinicians' utmost ability to care for you and your comfort. This technology also increases their diagnostic capacity, allowing them to provide you with the most effective and least intrusive treatment.

Highest Standards of Laboratory

It is our policy to use only the most modern dental materials to provide successful and long-lasting dental treatment. This policy includes the use of the most recent filling materials, the most durable and aesthetic crown and bridge materials, and the use of new techniques and equipment to improve patient comfort and clinical outcomes.

Rigorous Hygiene Standards

We have made strenuous efforts to guarantee that the dental treatments carried out in the clinic are absolutely safe and comply with the quality and hygiene requirements of a modern dental consultancy. We exceed all current and planned Irish & EU guidelines in relation to cross infection control and sterilization of instruments.

Maintain a healthy and radiant smile with expert dental scaling and prophylaxis cleaning at Dr. Lavanya Dental Clinic & Implant Centre. Book your appointment today!

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