Dental Crown & Bridge



Crowns and bridges are types of Dental restoration which completely encircle and protect a tooth or implant. They are typically used when a large cavity threatens the health of a tooth. Crowns are implanted with dental cement. Dental crowns restore the Anatomy of the tooth, restore tooth functions and aesthetics. Dental Crowns can be used for the replacement of both fixed teeth and missing teeth.

Dr. Lavanya Dental Clinic & Implant Centre / Hospital are one of the first to bring in the technology of the Metal-Free Zirconium crowns into their practice of Prosthodontics. In fact, Dr. Lavanya Dental Clinic & Implant Centre has a team of Super Specialist Prosthodontics experts to oversee the procedures of Dental Crowns and bridges fixation in their patients. Dr. Lavanya Dental Clinic & Implant Centre has successfully implanted thousands of patients with Metal Ceramic and Zirconia crowns and bridges, Acrylic crowns and temporary Bridges and have been highly successful in this super specialty of Dentistry.

Moreover, Dr. Lavanya Dental Clinic & Implant Centre Clinic / Hospital have their own Laboratory with the latest CAD Cam Technology to manufacture the crowns and do not depend on our sourced help. Thereby they have ensured that the quality of work and aesthetics are of the highest standards.

Similarly, Dr. Lavanya Dental Clinic & Implant Centre's super specialists have also done pioneering work on Dental bridges using innovative methods for fixation primarily looking into patient comfort and satisfaction.

Re-cementation of crowns is another area that Dr. Lavanya Dental Clinic & Implant Centre works on when patients require the procedure. This occurs due to recurrent decay of teeth, Trauma or improper biting and re-cementation is done as per standard protocol.

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