Mobility of Teeth / Loose Teeth

Mobility of Teeth / Loose Teeth

Tooth mobility is the term used to describe loose teeth in the jaws or the alveolar bone.


Understanding Tooth Mobility:

Tooth mobility of about 0.25 mm is present normally in all individuals and is considered healthy. This mobility is termed as physiologic mobility. The reason for this mobility is that the tooth is not fused to the alveolar bone directly but is attached to the sockets by the periodontal ligament. This slight mobility is designed to bear masticatory forces on the teeth while chewing without harming them. Even milk (primary) teeth can become mobile, which is a natural process of exfoliation. This is caused by the resorption of the roots, stimulated by the developing permanent tooth underneath.

Expert Treatment for Tooth Mobility:

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Common Causes of Loose Teeth

Trauma: Teeth can become loose due to accidental injury.

Malocclusion: The trauma due to occlusion can also result in tooth mobility. Conditions like deep bite or edge-to-edge relationships cause an excess of chewing forces on the teeth.

Bruxism: Referred to as the grinding habit of teeth, either consciously or unconsciously.

Periodontitis: Gum disease can lead to tooth mobility.

Gum Recession: When the gums recede, it can affect tooth stability.

Gum Abscess or Periapical Abscess: Infections in the gums can result in tooth mobility.

Cyst or Tumor in the Jaws: These growths can impact tooth stability.

Treatment for Loose Teeth

The mobile tooth can be treated by addressing the underlying cause first, which may include:

  • Relieving traumatic occlusion and correcting the bite.
  • Treating any tumors or cysts.
  • Managing gum infections through proper cleaning and curettage.
  • Correcting reduced bone levels by adding bone grafts.
  • Splinting the loose tooth and restricting any movement for grade 2 or grade 3 mobility.

If the prognosis is poor, extracting the loose tooth and replacing it with a dental prosthesis.

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