oral mucormycosis


It is a type of fungal infection, also known as Black fungus. It is observed mainly in elderly immunocompromised patients. It is important to get treatment, if left untreated MUCORMYCOSIS can be fatal.

Although this condition involves the maxilla, it may also manifest in any part of the oral cavity based on the source of infection. MUCORMYCOSIS of maxilla spreads rapidly leading to necrosis of palatal bone and palatal perforation. Mucormycosis is aggressive and fatal in diabetic patients because of impaired host defense mechanism


  • One sided facial swelling.
  • Nasal or sinus congestion
  • Blackish discoloration over the bridge of nose and palate
  • Loosening of teeth , jaw involvement
  • Pustules on gums
  • Headache

In most cases, the fungus has found to originate in the upper jaw or maxilla region. From here it can spread rapidly into the nasal cavity, the eye socket, and to the brain.

Involvement of oral cavity usually appears as palatal ulceration or necrosis and later as perforation of the palate as a result of an infection in the nasal cavity


If you feel your teeth is moving for no reason ,  pus discharge on gums or any kind of nasal discharge , and if you have recently got Covid19 , you must immediately consult doctor.

Successful treatment of MUCORMYCOSIS consists of aggressive and repeated surgical debridement of necrotic tissue And systemic antifungal therapy.

Such patients are usually treated using bone grafting and free flap surgeries. However, when surgeries are delayed, the palatal prosthesis is an interim treatment modality that can prevent nasal regurgitation and aspiration of food or fluids. The palatal prosthesis also helps with mastication, speech, and swallowing.

Black fungus precautions:

Keep your mouth and nose clean. This also means don’t touch inside of your nose or mouth with your finger  after touching any surface

In order to maintain good oral hygiene gargle with 2 percent povidine  iodine solution. To keep sinuses clear , steam inhalation is recommended.

Besides these, the recovered patients should take high protein and low sugar diet and take A, E, and B complex

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